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Tyler Chrome x KB Collab

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I’ve made multiple purchases of these Klear bottles and need I say more? I own many hydro flask brand bottles as well but they’re just far too pricey and after discovering Klear, I’ve stuck to them since. The quality is the same as hydro but the price is much more affordable! It does exactly what it needs to do and for that, I am happy with these. I also own the 32oz and the 40oz bottles from Klear as well. Worth every penny!

Amanda L, Amazon Customer

Bought for my kids, I have had a much larger one for about a year so trust this brand. It fits in a carseat cup holder, huge perk for us. Keeps water cool enough threw out the day, water never got hot while being at the beach all day but ice does melt completely. I have a swig savvy cover on mine because I liked having a handle and that will keep it cool forever, ice will not melt completely for at least two days even when one of those days is a day at the beach.

LC, Amazon Customer